Well Many Friendlies Played Today, Did Everything Go According To Plan. Not Just The Scoreline But The Covid-19 Guidelines?

On tonight’s DXTL, Podcast show we ask the grassroots family, how the first official friendly games were played out, not only the scoreline of the game but putting Covid-19 guidelines into practice? We would love your feedback on this.Positive,or Negative.

On The First Day Back Of Friendly Games.We Ask The Grassroots Family For Feedback Regarding Putting The Cover-19 Guidelines Into Practice.Positive, Or Negative.

Will Saturday The 1st Of August, Be Like The Start Of The Football Season At Grassroots.

Grassroots Football Is Back Tomorrow, But Not As We Know It.

Well, Saturday the 1st Of August will be like the start of the football season at grassroots so many friendlies organised,  Its like social media has gone mad with this, teams/managers announcing they cannot wait. But will every team have all the  Covid-19 guidelines in place ? or will it be,    just let us play?

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