• Tue. Jul 5th, 2022

DXTL Out And About To the River Summer League, It Certainly Flowed Well Today

Well done to all at the River summer league today, not a ripple today all enjoyed the day and the referees top class as usual.Happy Days!And Club DXTL FC Lions…

Tonight DXTL Has The Return Of Young Commentators With the Kids Voicebox

Tonight sees the return of our young commentators and the Kids Voicebox, please tune in they should have a lot to say.

We Hope You All Enjoyed The Long Bank Holiday Weekend Especially At Grassroots Football

Well how was this long Bank Holiday for you especially at grassroots football, many summer leagues and tournaments took place so we hopefully had no sideline referees and plenty of…

At The River Summer League Jeffrey Humble

DXTL, Attend the River summer League at Jeffrey Humble, so how did it go and superb to say the least well done everyone.

Nice To Be back On DXTLTV

It is nice to be back after my op not with young commentators but myself due to the fact that it is a Bank Holiday, So they All Have Plans.So…

Hi All Due To Medical Issues, The DXTL Young Commentators Podcast Will Be Due Back On Friday 4/06/2022

Due to medical issues DXTL will be back on the weekend of Friday 4/06/2022, apologies and we look forward to being back with you next weekend.

The End Of The Season With The Premier League Decider

Well what a season and today marks the end of an unbelievable battle between Man City and Liverpool FC, right to the very end it has now become anyones as…

DXTL Talk The Start Of The Summer Leagues At Grassroots Football And The End Of The Premier League.

Well today sees the start of many summer leagues at grassroots football, and tomorrow sees the end of the premier league, and what a year if you support Liverpool FC.

Mal Stands In For The Young Commentators

So Mal stands in for the young commentators due to work committments,  We discuss the nail biting title challenge,and in my eyes i think their is more pressure on City…

Club DXTL FC Lions And Why We Have Started To Run A Team

DXTL with its first ever official junior team that will portray the message of Don’t X The Line and  REFspect on and off the field.pf play.