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How Did Your League Go Today After Lockdown?

Well most leagues were back today after lockdown so how did yours go was it ok?   on the field of play and off the field of play we would…

As A Referee What Does The Return To Grassroots Football Mean To You.?

DXTL, knows what it means to the kids and managers regarding the return to grassroots football, you only have to look on social media to find that out. But what…

A Glorious Day Today Without Grassroots Football, But It Is On its Way back,The March Is Coming.

The weather over the weekend has been unreal, it would have been nice to enjoy it at grassroots football but not to be but at least we know it won’t…

Grassroots football is Returning,So How Are you Preparing For It?

Now we all know that grassroots football is returning ,what have your preparations been like are you fully prepared already, or are you waiting for the weekend before?

Will We Find Out This Week The Details Regarding The Return To Grassroots Football.

With The Prime Minister due to speak tomorrow over the lockdown measures, will we find out about the return to grassroots football?

Tonights Show DXTL Inclusion Football, And Young Commentators

On tonight’s show  we discuss a little about the Inclusion side of things with DXTL, and young commentators and how well that is going.

Is Lockdown Really Getting To You Now?

We are still deep into lockdown as we all know, but is it now starting to get to you? we would love your feedback. mal@dontxtheline.com let us know, especially if…

DXTL REFspect Is Back Bigger And BetterWhen Grassroots Football Returns

The good news is for the football family is that DXTL REFspect returns bigger,and better when the football commences again after lockdown.

How Hard Is Lockdown Becoming For you And Your Kids?

Lockdown is probably becoming a total burden for you now and the pressure is growing for you and your kids, so how are you getting through it.?

This Is The First Full Weekend Of No Grassroots Football Nationally 2021

We are into our first full weekend of no grassroots football 2021, so what is it going to do to grassroots football in the long term?