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DXTL Out At NL JFL Today, So How Did It Go?

Don’t X The Line, once again visit the NL JFL, to see how things are going with the league, and the referees on and off the field of play.

DXTL With the Friday Night Show And Young Commentators

DXTL, Back with the friday night show and young commentators,As we plan being out and about at the North Liverpool JFL Saturday morning

Sunday Podcast Show With DXTL Once Again Plenty Of Referees On Show

DXTL, Out and about with a lot of reports from today so was it positive or negative? We also discuss many teams over paying referees to get their services is…

DXTL Out And About Today,So Did We Have A Shortage Of Referees ?

The weekend is back so did we have a shortage of referee’s  and was there plenty of REFspect on and off the field?

We Return With Our Young Commentators This Evening Discussing Gaming

On the show this evening with our young commentators , we discuss games like fortnight. and the popular games they like to play, And what is popular for Christmas. And…

Games Without Official Referees ?

Well could this be the in thing, grassroots football without official referees ? What are your thoughts as to why we are seeing a shortage,  

So This Weekend Saw The Return Of the Cold Weather, But Did We still See a shortage Of Referees.?https://soundcloud.com/dxtl/03-10-2021-we-discuss-how-well-the-nl-jfl-is-run-02102021-1544/s-qkqZxq8fWXZ?si=e7daa9987a3849fe8831643a44f00da3

So a great weekend of grassroots football and we discuss just how well the north Liverpool JFL is run.  

Tonight We Concentrate On Respect On And Off The Field of Play

DXTL will tell you that only with everyone working together as a team will we encourage more referees to take up the whistle.

They Are Back, Young Commentators Are A Very Sporty Lot, And They Do Know There Stuff.

On tonight’s show we have young commentators as the talk a little about the EFL Cup,and then a general discussion about other sporting activities they are involved with.

Young Commentators Tonight Discussing The Shortage Of Referees At Grassroots

On tonight’s show Mal is joined by the young commentators discussing  the shortage of referees at grassroots level and what can we do to attract more referees to the game…

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