Remember Coach You Are A Role Model To The Children They Listen To You Have Gained Their Trust, Teach Them Well And Be A Big Part Of Their Positive Memories Growing Up

A Good Coach Can Certainly Be An Excellent Role Model To Children.

When you coach the children listen, so you become a Role model to them  give them good memories to grow up with,  it is not  about winning at all cost it is about Enjoyment, Development, Education and Confidence and you  as their coach can make sure they have all of this as every good coach knows it is your job to bring out the best in them enjoy your games #REFspect.

Smiles Play A Big Part In Kids Football Why?

Seeing kids smile at grassroots football is the positive side of the game we should all love to see,  It is probably the best part of their lives enjoying the game and being part of a friendship please do not take this part of the game away from them.

You can add to this by simply encouraging them when they play,  always praise them after a game as they are not children for long they grow up very quickly,  Treasure those moments as childhood memories are a wonderful thing.

Fantastic Last Day At Walton & Kirkdale JFL Which Had Just About Everything And What An Interview We Have For You.

Congratulations Quarry Green One Call Elrico And Athletico,National REFspect Green Card Award Winners 2019

Don’t X The Line had a very productive day today at the Walton & Kirkdale JFL, which had just about everything . It was a great day for one particular club Quarry Green One Call, especially for two under 8s teams Athletico and Elrico who won the DXTL National Green Card REFspect award for two well deserved managers Johnny and Jason, who will now move to pastures new beginning next season as Kirkby Town JFL.

Listen in to tonight’s grassroots show with and interview with Colin Fulton, and Nathan a 7 year old goalkeeper who  tells how it is with parents putting him off his game by shouting and Quarry Green One Call have secured a five year sponsorship deal.

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