• Tue. May 30th, 2023

DXTL 20 Strong Team Of Sky Divers Sign Up For The Hearts Of Gold Fundraiser.

A twenty strong team of Sky Divers,join the Hearts Of Gold appeal, they will be raising funds to help disadvantaged children, and children suffering with mental health issues, 14 divers…

DXTL #DontBullyTheRef Campaign Launched

Don’t X The Line has launched the DXTL,Don’t Bully The Ref campaign as part of the REFspect campaign and we ask the football family to get behind our campaign and…

Paul Minns- Don’t X The Line National REFspect Winner 2022

Winner of  Our Don’t  X The Line National REFspect  Award  Winner 2022 was Paul Minns, A massive congratulations to you,  We had over 500 entries for the award, It was…

DXTL Young Commentators Welcoming All Project,Kindly Funded By the National lottery

On this evenings show, we have three of our young commentators as our guests talking about the Kidz Voicebox project.

Referee,You Are The Key To The Game, We Ask The Football Family To Continue REFspect 2020 Week In Week Out

Don’t X  The Line  ask the football family to continue  REFspect,  your referee is key to the game so please support week in week out also please  download the song …

Please Go On To YouTube DXTLTV ‘FOOTBALL EMOTIONS’ Singer Kanga Jean Nicaise Koffie Don’t X The Line.

Don’t X The Line would like to thank the grassroots family for their support viewing the music video, then downloading the song ‘FOOTBALL EMOTIONS’ you can download it for 99p…

The Hot Weather Continues So Plenty Of Water For The kids.

As the hot weather continues we must make sure that the kids have plenty of water, and sun lotion as thirst and burns are guaranteed. And also please another must…

REFspect Continues Throughout The Summer

REFspect should continue throughout, at summer leagues and tournaments.No Ref No Game.

Tonight On The Young Commentators ShowWe Discuss Premier League Tacticts At Kids Football.

On young commentators this evening, We would love your thoughts on grassroots coaches who want to win at all costs, that means premier league tactics on delibrate  time wasting on…

Cup Finals And Roasting Weather At The Last Games Of The Season

What a day to finish the end of season cups,  massive congratulations to the winners and runners/up, great performances all around, especially with a very hot day for all, Well…

Teams On A Saturday Now Concentrate On Tournaments.

Has your league finished? Are your weekends now filled with summer leagues and tournaments?Or are you busy just having a break until the new season 23/24

Young Commentators With Ben And Jayden

Looking forward to hear what the lads are going to say about the relegation battle in the Premier League,and as we know Ben’s second team is Leeds United, how will…

DXTL Out And About At W& K JFL

So the season finished at the Saturday league yesterday, so how did we do here today with REFspect


DXTL out on the final day of the season at NL JFL, we hope for plenty of REFspect on and off the field of play, and we are also hopeful…

We Are Back With The Young Commentator Show

Join us tonight on young commentator show, so what does the Eurovision song contest mean to our youth of today?

DXTL Out At The Walton & Kirkdale JFL

DXTL out at the Walton & Kirkdale JFLwith plenty of league action and REFspect.

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