The Weekend Arrives For Grassroots Football, And So Does The Cold Snap Wrap Up Warm Everybody.

Oh Dear Bitterley Cold How Long For Keep The Kids Warm And On Their Toes?

Well it is almost here grassroots football this weekend, But so is the cold weather  wrap the kids up warm and if you are lucky enough to have a game then keep the kids warm and keep them on their toes especially your goalkeeper.

Also if you haven’t visited our sideline management programme and our Anti-Bullying programme then please do so now.

DXTL At Everton Football Club Today Discussing The REFspect Awareness Program

DONT x the Line Visited Everton FC, Today Regarding The REFspect Program, Listen To An Extended Interview With Henry Mooney.

Don’t X The Line visited Everton Football Club today and discussed the refspect program for 2019 and while we were at it captured an amazing extended interview regarding grassroots football with Henry Mooney. Everton along with Liverpool FC, have supported Don’t X The Line since the beginning 2003.

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