• Sun. Nov 28th, 2021

DXTL #DontBullyTheRef Campaign Launched

Don’t X The Line has launched the DXTL,Don’t Bully The Ref campaign as part of the REFspect campaign and we ask the football family to get behind our campaign and…

SIMON Mahomed – Don’t X The Line National REFspect Winner 2021

Last week we were proud to announce Simon Mahomed as Our Don’t  X The Line National REFspect  Award 2021 Winner.  We had over 400 entries for the award. The Award…

DXTL Young Commentators Welcoming All Project,Kindly Funded By the National lottery

On this evenings show, we have three of our young commentators as our guests talking about the welcoming all project and the last week over the last week..

Referee,You Are The Key To The Game, We Ask The Football Family To Continue REFspect 2020 Week In Week Out

Don’t X  The Line  ask the football family to continue  REFspect,  your referee is key to the game so please support week in week out also please  download the song …

Please Go On To YouTube DXTLTV ‘FOOTBALL EMOTIONS’ Singer Kanga Jean Nicaise Koffie Don’t X The Line.

Don’t X The Line would like to thank the grassroots family for their support viewing the music video, then downloading the song ‘FOOTBALL EMOTIONS’ you can download it for 99p…

Out And About At NL JFL

Don’t X tHE line out and about trying to spoil the party for sideline referees, what they should do is take up the whistle and become official.job Done, no more…

DXTL Are Proud To announce The Return Of Young Commentators

DXTL are proud to announce the return of the young commentators, discussing the week just gone and the forthcoming weekend with the premier league and grassroots football.

DXTL REFspect, No Ref No Game Creating Fantastic Support

Don’t X  The Line creating massive support with the DXTL REFspect No Ref No Game campaign all over, Thank you to all our supporters taking part.

Thanks To The North Liverpool JFL League For The DXTL No Ref No Game Campaign.

Thanks To NJFL Players ,Teams Parents And Referees,Taking Part In The DXTL No Ref No Game Campaign Greatly Appreciated.Here To Stay.

This Evening Young Commentators Are Joined By A Reporter

Tonight young commentators are joined by a reporter from the local paper the Walton Herald, It is really picking up for them.

Update From DXTL

DXTL announce a new ambassador fOR DXTL great news all around

DXTL No Ref No Game REFspect

DXTL No Ref No Game ,REFspect on and off the field of play, no more sideline referees,  why not blow the whistle on them, enjoy grassroots football as encouragement is…

Great To Have Two Leagues Full Of referees This Weekend That DXTL Attend

Lovely to hear that two leagues are full that we attend, with referee appointments this weekend, a disappointment though that we couldn’t get a referee at the saturday league due…

The Young Commentators Are Back As We Discuss DXTL No Ref No Game

On this evenings show with our young commentators we discuss our No Ref No Game REFspect project, and how they felt after their visit to KCC FM Live and what…

DXTL Out And About At Grassroots Football On A Very Cold And Windy Day, But We Still get Great Football.

DXTL, Were out and about today and we must admit the sidelines were very good indeed unto 1 pm anyway well done to all including the officials Great day REFspect.