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As The New Season Approaches Your Thoughts On The Changes Made?

Now most of the summer leagues are finishing and kids going away on holiday, the new season is fast approaching, so we ask for your thoughts on the up and…

DXTL Attended The Final Weekend Of The River Friendly League

DXTL attended the final games of the River friendly summer league, and commend all the organisers for putting this together for teams, It was ideal for teams keeping their players…

Kids Celebrate Their 6 Weeks Break

Well we go on the show without the kids as they celebrate their 6 weeks school holidays,so they will join up with DXTL, Over the next few weeks DXTL, will…

After Your Game The Excitement Begins So Can England Do It?

Once your game finishes at grassroots football then we move on to the question of, Can we do it? Can England beat Spain and win the Euros?  

DXTL Back Out At Jeffrey Humble For The Friendly Summer League

So DXTL, visit Jeffrey Humble for the River friendly Summer League once again.REFspect, how was it today?

Tonight’s Show Can England Do It?

Tonight with our young commentator Dan,we discuss the chances of England against Spin in the Final, so can England bring it home?

Thoughts On Next Season No Heading Of The Ball Upto U/12s

The changes of no heading of the ball unto U/12s, we would like to hear your thoughts on this.

DXTL Back Out At The River Summer League

So how did the teams do and spectators today regarding the REFspect throughout the day.?

DXTL With Jayden Representing Young Commentators

Due to the game between Germany and Spain, we record the young commentators show for Friday, with young Jayden.

DXTL Back At The River Summer League

DXTL are back out at the River Summer league promoting REFspect on and off the field of play.

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