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DXTL Back At The River Summer League

DXTL are back out at the River Summer league promoting REFspect on and off the field of play.

DXTL At The River Summer League

Once again DXTL visit the River Summer League, and watch two teams that used to be part of Club DXTL.So how did everything go? Tune in to find out.

DXTL With The Grassroots Show

No young commentators this evening so its grassroots football back with our youngsters next week.In the meantime I explain some of the reasons I have folded two successful teams and…

DXTL Back At The River Summer League

DXTL back out at the River summer league enjoying the weather, football and of course REFspect

DXTL Out And About At The River Summer League

DXTL out and about at the River summer league watching the two handover teams to  JFA, Betis U/9s and Genoa U/8s, also we will be publicising REFspect.So how did the…

Back From Holls And Team Up With Our Young Commentators

Well had a fab Holiday, but a little hot in Cyprus sometimes into the 100s, But thankfully gor through and now back with our young commentators, Great to be back…

REFspect In Summer Leagues And Tournaments

Well as the winter league finishes we start on the summer leagues and tournaments promoting REFspect and we ask the spectators to continue with their support, we need our referees…

Summer Leagues Commence As We Continue REFspect

We would like to ask all supporters of grassroots football to continue supporting our referees and REFspect.

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