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  • DXTL Out And About At Walton & Kirkdale JFL With tHE grassroots Show

DXTL Out And About At Walton & Kirkdale JFL With tHE grassroots Show

Don’t X The Line out at the Jeffrey Humble with the Walton & Kirkdale JFL.

DXTL Report From The N L JFL

So how was the North Liverpool JFL, league today, tune in to find out from DXTL.And we alson have an announcement to make  on behalf of DXTL.

On Tonight’s Show We Have Our Young Commentators Discussing The Refrees Situation At The Moment

On this evenings show, young commentators discuss the referees situation not just here on Merseyside but all over the country.

DXTL With DXTL Sunday Grassroots Show

DXTL, talk grassroots football on the final show of the week.

DXTL, Back Out At Grassroots Football With Update On The Walk.

DXTL, give an update on the walk Warrington to Liverpool Town hall to Town Hall, are you up for it.? Also how has REFspect been at your game.

Tonight We Are Back With Our DXTL Young Commentators

Join our show this evening and listen to our young commentators, as welcome back Ben.

DXTL Out And About At Walton And Kirkdale JFL

DXTL out and about at the Walton and  Kirkdale JFL,So how did your games go at your league.

The Grassroots Weekender Show Out At The NLJFL

So how was the NLJFL, weather wise, football wise and overall what was the day like,Parents please remember you have no right to enter the pitch at anytime to question…

The Grassroots Show is Back With The Young Commentators

The grassroots show back with the young commentators this evening, tune in to find out what they have been upto during the festive break.

DXTL 20 Strong Team Of Sky Divers Sign Up For The Hearts Of Gold Fundraiser.

A twenty strong team of Sky Divers,join the Hearts Of Gold appeal, they will be raising funds to help disadvantaged children, and children suffering with mental health issues, 14 divers…