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SIMON Mahomed – Don’t X The Line National REFspect Winner 2021

ByMal Lee

Jul 28, 2021

Last week we were proud to announce Simon Mahomed as Our Don’t  X The Line National REFspect  Award 2021 Winner.  We had over 400 entries for the award. The Award was sponsored by REF4ME who gave the winner branded kit and other valuable equipment for referees.

Ref4Me looks to bring managers and referees together on a simple booking app which enables them to book referees for matches. For further  information about what they do can be viewed on http://ww.ref4m.co.uk.

Don’t X The Line  have been going on for 18 years. The REFspect campaign is an initiative aimed at improving the behaviour of parents and spectators. By reducing the number of incidents of poor touchline behaviour we aim to maintain the current number of referees and help to attract many more new referees to the beautiful game.

We believe that the  referees are an important asset within the game as we all know  No REFEREE No Game.

On winning the award Simon Mahomed ‘Quotes’ ” Lost for words, to be Shortlisted is amazing, to make the top three wonderful,  But to win, Simply speechless made even more special  is that my close friend who sadly died has also been awarded Grassroots Volunteer of the year with Lancashire FA.

As you can see after wining our National Award he was selfless and mentioned his close friend who sadly passed away.  We are even more sure after reading this he is truly is remarkable person and a worthy winner.

Darryl Cartwright the person who nominated him for the award, after DXTL announced Simon won the award said “Huge Congratulations Simon! Very well deserved  for all that you do for the league and our club, in particular the annual tournament ”

Mal, says we are amazed at the amount of nominations we received for the National REFspect Award, We also know we have some amazing referees doing a wonderful job out there, and each and everyone of them are certainly doing the right thing by the comments they have all had so please keep up the fantastic work you are doing and who knows next season, could just be you.

But i am sure you will all join us in congratulating our worthy winner Simon.