We Hope You All Enjoyed Your Games Today, Including The Weather Same Again tomorrow Please REFspect.

We Hope You Started The Weekend Off With Plenty Of REFspect. Same Again Tomorrow And Please Don’t Forget To Thank The The Committee When You Are Leaving.

Dont X The Line Hope everyone enjoyed there games today and show plenty of REFspect and encouragement, Please show the same again and remind you team about the safeguarding cards. Have a great game, and please don’t forget to thank the committee.

REFspect On And Off The Field Of Play This Weekend No Referee No Game

The Money Shop
If You Are Going Away Over The Christmas Use Your Club Photo ID Card To Getter A Better Rate From The Money Shop.

DXTL, “Ask all teams to carry on with REFspect on and off the field this weekend.No Referee No Game,” Also “We ask coaches and committees to sign up for a safeguarding card which will also benefit you with discounts from businesses including better rates from the Money Shop”.

Don't cross the line