DXTL, Out On The Touchlines Bringing You The Atmosphere That May Just Confuse Our Children When They Try To Follow Instructions From The Coach.?

Listen In To The Grassroots Show, Hear What It Sounds Like On The Touchlines At Grassroots.Confused Kids?

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DXTL, Out and about today to sample the atmosphere on the touchlines at grassroots, who do the kids listen to when they get instructions. “Confused Kids” Also we asked a junior coach about ball heading, and the proposed referee strike at grassroots.

I Might Just Want To Be A Referee One Day... But Only If  Parents Respect Me For Trying.?

The Grassroots Show. Tonight A 14 Year Old Referee Listen In

Tonight on the Grassroots Show 14 year old referee?

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Parent Crossed The Line With The referee 09-02-2017

The Grassroots Show; Ref Offers The Whistle To An Irate Parent 09-02-2017

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PARENT questions referee offside decision,The referee then offers his whistle to the parent who then decides against officiating the game, obviously  the referee knew the ‘Laws Of The Game’ better than he did.

Don't cross the line