• Fri. Jan 22nd, 2021

Special Guest In The DXTL Studio, Ex-Premier League Referee Chris Foy, Joined By Olivia Henderson.

We are pleased to announce our special guest in the DXTL Studio Ex Premier League referee Chris Foy, Asking the questions will be our very own DXTL, Ambassador and the…

Referee You Are Key To The Game So We Ask The Football Family To Continue REFspect 2020 Week In Week Out

Don’t X  The Line  ask the football family to continue  REFspect,  your referee is key to the game so please support week in week out also please  download the song …

Please Go On To YouTube DXTLTV ‘FOOTBALL EMOTIONS’ Singer Kanga Jean Nicaise Koffie Don’t X The Line.

Don’t X The Line would like to thank the grassroots family for their support viewing the music video, then downloading the song ‘FOOTBALL EMOTIONS’ you can download it for 99p…

Do We Have Some Teams And Coaches Flouting The Law During Lockdown

One manager approaches DXTL today stating he is not happy seeing coaches  in a local park,kids training and using  mannequins to develop ball skills, whilst parents stood watching?

DXTL REFspect Is Back Bigger And BetterWhen grassroots Football Returns

The good news is for the football family is that DXTL REFspect returns bigger,and better when the football commences again after lockdown.

How Hard Is Lockdown Becoming For you And Your Kids?

Lockdown is probably becoming a total burden for you now and the pressure is growing for you and your kids, so how are you getting through it.?

Tackle Lockdown Stay Fit, Stay Healthy,Stay Safe With DXTL

Why not tackle lockdown with DXTL, stay fit, stay healthy stay safe , also we appeal for any spare tablets, notebooks or laptops for our welcoming all project to go…

At Least We Have Some Football Taking Place With The FA, Cup To Ease Lockdown A Little.

So we have the FA, cup to ease lockdown just a little but what happens during the week, We try to motivate you to stay fit and healthy during this…

This Is The First Full Weekend Of No Grassroots Football Nationally 2021

We are into our first full weekend of no grassroots football 2021, so what is it going to do to grassroots football in the long term?

We Welcome Back Grassroots Football Next Weekend

DXTL, look forward with the grassroots family here on Merseyside to next weekend and the return of football for all.We also discuss our Welcoming all project for disadvantaged children, if…

Tier 3 Grassroots Football 2021

Well, it is the start of grassroots Football Tier 3 2021, and it starts in baltic conditions.

DXTL Look Back At 2020 ,Then Look Forward To 2021

DXTL, look back on  2020 on a poor year for all, but look forward to a positive year in 2021.

Join Us This Evening As We Move Closer To 2021,And Grassroots Football

On the Grassroots show this evening we move a lot closer to grassroots football and the second half of the season 2021.