Well Worth Coming Along To The Jumpers For Goalposts Tournament Saturday 22nd July

Kids Jumpers For Goalposts Tournament Park Brow Community Primary School 22nd July 9am-1pm

All the participants are in for a treat at tomorrows jumpers for goalposts tournament. All receive a participation medal, Cups up for grabs free raffle, free nomination into the DXTL, green card fair play awards 2017/18 which could see you win a team kit, free raffle for a team cup and medals for next years presentation for your team.Lots Lots more.See You There.

Bring On Jumpers For Goalposts Tournament Its FREE 22nd July

On Saturday 22nd July, we invite kids to the DXTL, jumpers for goalposts tournament. With so many coaches and tournaments charging a fee to take part. we at DXTL, offer a kick around absolutely FREE, and children receive a medal of participation that many will give you after many weeks of attendance. Come along and join the fun.

Jumpers For Goalposts Free Tournament.And Filmed 22nd July At Park Brow Community Primary Schoool


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