DXTL Get Exclusive Interview With Paul Smith Jnr, At Grassroots Football. Paul Gives His Views On Pushy Parents And Touchline Behaviour Towards Referees.

‘Paul Smith Jnr’ Gives Us An Exclusive Interview On The DXTL Grassroots Show,  Pushy Parents Is One Topic  Paul Feels Strongly About.

Don’t X The Line, and the Grassroots show get an exclusive interview with  Paul Smith Jnr.  Paul  gives a great interview regarding pushy parents, and poor behaviour on the sidelines towards referees after watching his son star in an impressive 4.2 win.

We also managed to get some hopeful Boxing news out of Paul, regarding the possibility of all four brothers making an appearance in the ring at Anfield in May? what an historic night that would be. Tune in to tonight’s show you certainly won’t be disappointed.

DXTL, Ask Coaches To Talk To Parents And Spectators At Training Sessions To Simply Concentrate On How The Kids Are Performing At The Weekend. Not The Referee.

REFspect Is A keyWord Please Remember It At Your Weekend Games

We at Don’t X The Line ask all coaches/managers to please take 5 minutes  out at training sessions and talk to the parents regarding verbal abuse,and aggressive behaviour  on the sidelines. We ask you to ask them to concentrate on the the children’s game by encouraging them and not on the referees game, and the decisions they make. You can help make a difference and keep our referees in the game. Thank You.

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