DXTL, Out And About For The Final Weekend Of The Winter League At WKJFL.

Black Horse U/8S REFspect

Don’t X The Line and the Grassroots Show took the time out this weekend to film the start of our Documentary for DXTL, hopefully to be released Christmas 2018. We hope everyone enjoyed the season and look forward to the next season. A big thank you to all the referees committee, managers and teams and also participating parents who adhered to the on going  REFspect campaign.See you next season.

Free V Free Week And Jumpers For Goalposts With DXTL At Park Brow Primary School 22nd July

The National Children’s Free V Free Week Begins At Park Brow Primary School With DXTL 22ND July.

Don’t X The line are busy as always but would like to bring your attention to an event we are holding on behalf of the National Children’s Football Alliance, Free v Free week and  jumpers for goalposts to be held at Park Brow Primary School, on the 22nd July all children welcome, we have also teamed up with Park Brow, to make this event extra special.Listen in tonight to find out what its all about.

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