How Important Are The DXTL, Safeguarding Photo ID Cards Now At Grassroots Football, Every Coach/Manager Should Have One.

DXTL ID card
DXTL, Believes All Coaches Should Be Wearing The Photo ID Card At Grassroots Football Matches.

DXTL, Still bang the drum regarding the Safeguarding Photo ID cards. Historic child sex cases are are appearing all over the news now and as everyone should be aware this could be happening anywhere now. We believe that all coaches/managers in fact all involved within grassroots football should be wearing the Photo ID Card to show that you care and are at lease DBS Checked.

DXTL Arrived Back From South Shields, Safe And Sound And Plan A Massive REFspect Campaign 2018

DXTL, REFspect Awareness Weekend 7th-8th April 2018 With The FAI, Back On Board.

DXTL, Arrive back in one piece safe and sound, after a very productive meeting regarding the REFspect campaign. Also the news that Barry Bennell, has been sentenced to 30 years for 50 child sex offences may not be enough for many,  but DXTL,are overjoyed  that vile evil monster is away from children once and for all.

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