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So As A Manager What Is Your Opinion On League Admin And Costs

We have had a lot of feedback coming from managers regarding the full time and WGS admin, and the costs of grassroots football, and it is mostly negative the feedback…

On The Grassroots Show Tonight We Are Back With Jayden

On tonights show we are back with  Jayden young commentators.Please join us this evening.

DXTL Out And About At Jeffrey Humble

Don’t X the Line once again out and about looking at REFspect on and off the field of play, so how did it go?And once again we talk about our…

On Tonight’s Show How Was REFspect Adhered To At The League We Attended

How did REFspect go in the football league we attended and we once again mention our campaign of More Play,Less Pay campaign.

DXTL Grassroots Podcast Show With Oliver And Dan

Tonight’s show we are joined by Oliver and Dan, I am sure Dan will have some feedback on his first games as a referee.

DXTL Out And About On Sunday

So how was your game today, did your club and parents REFspect the referee.we would love to hear your thoughts.mal@dontxtheline.com Join our campaign for the kids ‘More Play Less Pay…

DXTL Are Back From Junior League Football Today

DXTL Were out and about in 2 leagues today, so how was REFspect and your admin during and after your game.

Should The Club Secretary Be Entiled To Charge For Admin Time

Running a grassroots football team should be fun for the kids including the manager,But is all this Online admin from the Whole Game System, and the Leagues Full Time ,taking…

REFspect Is All You Need

If you show plenty of REFspect on and off the field of play in your league, then rest assured the game will be more enjoyable for all.

First Games Back For The Younger Age Groups, But Older Age Groups Speaks Volumes.

  DXTL are back out with our new U/7s team and we look forward to them developing their skills on the way, And learning all about REFspect too.But Grass Pitches?…