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Saturday DXTL North Liverpool JFL

Mal With some great news about a young referee who officiates within the North Liverpool JFL

Grassroots Friday Night Podcast Show, Paul Explains Inclusion.

  On this evenings grassroots podcast show Paul, explains to Mal, the word Inclusion for our listeners and viewers. Please join us at 7pm DXTLTV, and Soundcloud.

DXTL Out And About Third Day With Safeguarding

Don’t X The Line  out and about for the third day at Jeffrey Humble talking Safeguarding, managers and coaches welcomed this.

DXTL Out And About At The North Liverpool JFL

Paul Rudkin Questions Mal Lee About REFspect , How And Why Was It Started

On the DXTL, Podcast show this evening, Mal is joined by co-presenter Paul Rudkin who asks the questions that are listeners and viewers would like to know on why DXTL,…

Saturday Night And We Are Back With The DXTL Grassroots Weekender Show

Welcome all i do hope you had a good night last night if you had games on, and you remembered to social distance and stay safe just like today. So…

Change of strip for DXTL

We thought it was time to have a refresh of the website.

DXTLTV From The Touchlines 16/10/2020

DXTL,With The Friday Night Grassroots Show

Welcome to the DXTL, Friday night grassroots podcast show  join us at 7pm on Soundcloud.

DXTL Out And About At Grassroots Football In Glorious Sunshine

Well after a tough two days of bad weather, today was a pleasure to be out and about at grassroots football ,the weather the football and smiling faces  was tremendous…