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Diving only way we can compete with world’s elite – Evening Standard

ByMal Lee

Apr 19, 2012

“Abroad is unutterably bloody, and foreigners are fiends.  So said Uncle Matthew in Nancy Mitford’s The Pursuit Of Love, and this — or something not very far off it — is the attitude that is creeping into English football. The cause is diving. For the last  couple of weeks, the issue of players exaggerating, or downright inventing, the effects of tackles in order to con referees into giving them free-kicks and penalties has been the talk of the town.”

via Diving is the only way we can compete with the world’s elite – Football – Sport – Evening Standard.

Mal Says – Perhaps British Olympic Diver Tom Daley should take over as National Coach for England. If it’s the only way we can compete, let’s do it magnificently…

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