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Welcome To The Last Grassroots Show 2023

Well it is here the last day of 2023, are you happy or sad to see the end of the Year, or are you happy for the new challenge for…

New Years Eve Eve Grassroots Show

Welcome to the New Years Eve Eve show are you looking forward to it 2024?

Roma FC Christmas Tournament

Great low level tournament held at the LCFA headquarters today Roma FC, well done to Dan and the committee, see you at the next one congratulations to all the teams…

Christmas Eve 2023 With An Auction

Welcome to the Christmas Eve, Grassroots show, time for DXTL to wish all our supporters a very merry Christmas.Tune in for our Auction

Christmas Is Almost Upon Us Are You Ready

Well Christmas Day is almost here are you all set and ready for it? have you bought those brand new boots for your child for the 2024 season?

Well What A Hectic Weekend Ahead For All

A weekend ahead that looks hectic for all, last minute presents and food trollies filled to the brim. Good luck with all that. We also give a bit of a…

We Hope You Enjoyed Your Last League Games Of 2023

Well today sees the final league games of the 2023 season, and we come together again in 2024 with hopefully REFspect on and off the field of play on everyones…

Apologies ForThe Young Commentators Being Absent But Christmas Is Coming

Well how fast has that year gone, We do our last show for 2023 without our young commentators them But we  will move into another year with them amazing and…

The Last Saturday Of Grassroots Before The Christmas Break.

Well Christmas is closing in so we all enjoy the last League games of 2023 at grassroots. Merry Christmas all.

Leagues Draw To A Close 2023

Well,we have many leagues drawing to a close coming back in 2024, let us hope that we remain in the frame of REFspect on and off the pitch, and into…