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Two Leagues Attended By DXTL Today

DXTL Visited the Edge Hill JFL and Jeffrey Humble today, listen how we got on.

Out And About At Grassroots Football

DXTL out and about at grassroots football as the cold weather starts to creep in, So we all have to make sure the kids stay warm.and REFspect from the sidelines…

No More Time Wasting

Well what a successful evening we had for the DXTL Hearts of gold Evening, to everyone involved we cannot thank you enough you and John May, you really are a…

DXTL Out And About REFspect

Don’t X Theline out and about today looking for plenty of REFspect, also we would love your support come and join us at Hotel Anfield this Thursday night 23rd November…

Come Along And Party With Us

Grass roots football was fine with total REFspect, Thursday the 23rd November why not come along support the award winners and then party along with us.What a night of entertainment…

Young Commentators Back This Evening

Tonight we are back with our young commentators and I should imagine a points deduction will be the highlight of the evening.

Hearts of Gold Amazing Night

On November the 23rd 7pm at Hotel Anfield we hold our recognition awards for the team who has achieved a lot on their challenges that would really take your breath…

DXTL Out And About At NL JFL ‘Lest We Forget’

Back at grassroots football  at the NL JFL, who has REFspect improved towards our referees,And a minutes silence was adhered to well done once again all.

Back With The Kidz Voicebox And Young Commentators

We are back with our young commentators on the Kidz Voicebox show, I am sure VAR will be mentioned once again.

DXTL Hearts Of Gold Recognising Mental Health Amongst Children

Please support this faboulous evening,Hearts Of Gold rewarding our amazing team for the successful challenges that they all achieved, The team are doing the challenges for fundraising and awareness for…