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DXTL 20 Years Voluntary Service Supporting Our Referees And Grassroots Football Teams.

ByMal Lee

Oct 1, 2022

Don’t X The line CIC campaign, has been supporting referees Nationally,and Internationally for 20 years coming this December. We are a voluntary not for profit organisation, That means we don’t get paid for the work that we do. We have supported the many not the few individually, also grassroots football teams managers and coaches are always on our list of too.

Not many voluntary organisations can boast the support of football’s governing bodies and premier leagues clubs, albeit not financially we go cap in hand and rely on lottery grants to continue the work we do, and to last 20 years you must agree we do a good job and will continue the work we do by making a difference at grassroots football.Thank You all for your continued support.mal@dontxtheline.com