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Last Games Of The Season At W&K JFL2020/21

Well it has finally come to an end the winter season 2020/21 did we ever think we would get through it not in a million years.But we did and what…

Great When A Photo Shoot Goes According To Plan, Especially With Our Outstanding Referee Awardslan

When a photo shoot goes to plan especially two of them with one of them totally not expected by our referees ,it means so much to get it spot on.

And After This Weekend The Winter Season Comes To A Close After This Weekend

SO after this weekend the winter league finishes and everyone starts to prepare for the new season, or actually do they? Are summer leagues and tournaments too much of a…

Now We approach The Final Weekend Of The Season,.Nominate Your Grassroots Referee.

This year we have an amazing sponsor for our REFspect award 2021 Ref4Me please nominate your grassroots referee of the season. closing date 28th June give them the chance to…

After Tomorrow We Have One More Weekend To Go Then We Prepare For The New Season

Well one more day to go then we aim for our final weekend of the grassroots football seasons please continue your REFspect on and off the field of play No…

Will It Happen Is Football Coming Home?

Well its England v Scotland this evening and could it really be football’s coming home ,not long to find out could our boys be on the verge of winning Euros…

DXTL Update Everyone On Our REFspect Referee Nominations To Win A Classy Award From Ref4Me

DXTL update all on our REFspect nomination and award sponsored by Ref4Me, every grassroots referee would be proud of this.And you could give them a chance of winning it by…

Young Commentators Return With The Euoros 2020 Debate

On Tonight’s Show we are joined by young commentators on the Euros 2020 Debate, so please join them.

Grassroots Football In General And Our Hearts Of Gold initiatives, And Referee Award Sponsored By Ref4Me

DXTL Update all on our Hearts Of gold Initiatives on how you can get involved, also our grassroots football in general.And the referee Nomination award Sponsored bt Ref4Me great prize,

Are You A Golfer If So We Have News Of Colin’s Charity Game At The End Of June If You Want To take part.

Well we cannot grumble about the weather can we this weekend, we know games are hotting up too, regarding cup games, and we update you on a charity golfing day,…