If Grassroots Referees Wore Ref-Cams, What Difference Do You Think It Would Make On And Off The Field Of Play?

Social Media Reports Suggest That Attacks On Referees Are Continuing At Grassroots.If They Wore REF-Cams,  Do You Think This Would  Help To Prevent Attacks And PoorTouchline Behaviour?

Don’t X The Line, Support our referees up and down the country by talking to children parents, managers and committees week in week out on why and just how important it is to keep our referees within the game and  with our actions we hope to one day rid ourselves of irate parents managers, and spectators from the grassroots game itself.  Now with recent reports on social media of referees still being attacked and verbally abused, We ask you the question. “If ref-cams were worn at all grassroots games, how do you think they would  work preventing verbal abuse, aggressive behaviour and attacks on referees.?