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DXTL, Appeal To Managers/Parents To Talk To The Kids Before Mischevious Night, Ask Them Not To Be Doing Anything That Is Wrong Or Silly, And Enjoy Halloween. You Can Make A Difference!!!

ByMal Lee

Oct 29, 2016
Managers Talk To The Children About Being Safe On Mischevious Night And Halloween
Managers Make A DIfference Talk To The Children About Being Safe On “Mischevious Night” And Halloween


DXTL, Appeal to all managers/ parents and committees at grassroots leagues to help make a difference this halloween weekend, especially Mischevious night. If you managers, committees and parents take a few minutes to discuss the dangers that can arise by throwing stones at cars and bullying others,etc then you will make a difference and prevent such actions taking place, harmless fun is not a problem and Halloween should be enjoyed by the children and families so please be safe this weekend enjoy your football, and have a safe and happy Halloween.