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Another Reason Why Defibrillators Should Be Around Every Sporting Facility In The Country

ByMal Lee

Sep 14, 2016
DXTL,And Grassroots UK Support The Move For DI-Fibs To Be Placed At All Sporting Facilities Throughout The UK.
DXTL,And Grassroots UK Support The Move For DI-Fibs To Be Placed At All Sporting Facilities Throughout The UK.

https://soundcloud.com/dxtl/25-08-2016-di-fibs-at-all-sporting-eventsFurther to the recent event during a friendly game on Sunday 21st August 2016, at Adwick Park. Where our Under 11 player Dan Fagg collapsed to the ground, the game was immediately halted; the ambulance service was called with no hesitation as well as someone was dispatched to the local Leisure Centre to collect a defibrillator.

Dan was treated immediately by officials on the pitch, the ambulance arrived within a matter of minutes and the Paramedics took over, the Air ambulance arrived very shortly after this.

Dan was transferred onto a stretcher and into the ambulance where

The latest is that Dan is conscious, talking and mainly he is alive, our thoughts are with Ant, Hayley and the Family and we wish Dan a full recovery.

Adwick Park Rangers JFC would like to say a massive thank you to the paramedics of the Ambulance Service and South Yorkshire Air Ambulance Service for their prompt actions, our Under 13’s donated their raffle money of £25 and the Club match this with a further £25 to the Air Ambulance service.

This event has highlighted the need for a defibrillator to be located within Adwick Park; there are a number of things going on around on Social media etc and the club wishes to thank everyone for their support and efforts in Fund raising. So these efforts are in conjunction with the Club and to avoid duplication, can we just ask that people make either Anne Briggs or Chris Crowe aware of their intent to raise funds.

Our aim is to have a Managers v Parents Fund raising game on the afternoon of Monday 29th August 2016 at the park where by there will be several fund raising activities happening.

Please come along and show your support.

he was made comfortable before being transferred to the Air Ambulance where he was then flown to Sheffield Children’s Hospital.

We also want to thank all the other Clubs who have provided messages of support and we believe that this highlights the need for all Sports Clubs to have the ability to gain easy access to a defibrillator, if you would like to donate then please go to https://www.gofundme.com/2kwyvx64