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The Grassroots Show REFspect, A 10 Year Old Child Talks About Poor Touchline Behaviour

Tonight on the grassroots Show 10 year old Leon, tells you how he feels when playing a match, and how shouting from the touchlines puts him off.

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Violence At England Football Matches Is Now Getting Out Of Hand

      DXTL, hate to say this but violence and England football matches is totally getting out of hand. Is this a form of terrorism people are trying to…

Has A Parent Or Manager Questioned Your Honesty Asking, The money You Collect Where Is It All Going ?

DXTL. Every Parent or fellow Manager has a right to ask to see your club finances. But when you feel accused or doubted then it becomes a different matter,  especially…

DXTL Do Hope We Are Talking About The Great Football At This Years Euros And Not About The Scenes We Witnessed On The Streets. On The Eve Of The Tournament

DXTL Condemn the scenes that we witnessed on the streets of Marseille last night, Yes their are two sides to every story but this is not what football is about…

Sheffield And District Junior League Youth Shaping The League

Sheffield and District Junior League launching a youth conference to help develop and shape the needs for its players, starting in June 2016. The league will invite a youth member…

DXTL Team Up With Grassroots UK, To Bring You The Grassroots Show

DXTL, Team up with  Grassroots UK, to bring you the Grassroots Show, beginning on the 14th June bringing you news, views and debates.  This will be a new unique chapter to…

DXTL Grassroots Shoutouts And Euros 2016

DXTL, give shout outs for Warner Colts U11s and Wirral Boys U14 for both  on their cup wins. Also can England win the Euros this year and if not, will…

DXTL, After A Recent Survey By Grassroots UK, 89% Say A Player Has Been Poached.

DXTL, Would like your feedback on a recent survey carried out by Grassroots UK,  The survey declared that 89% of youngsters have either been asked to join another team, or…