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DXTL.The Majority Of Managers At Junior Football Deserve A Massive Pat On The Back For The Voluntary Work They Put In To Junior Football, How Many Children Have They Stopped Becoming Gang Members In Our Society.Well Done To All You.

ByMal Lee

Jun 14, 2015
Manager Colin Foulton, praises LCFA, for helping Kenbury boys to  receive a grant towards a new kit
Managers like Colin Fulton who are worth their weight in gold for the voluntary work they do  keeping our kids out of mischief and first and active.


DXTL Thanks the majority of managers/coaches around the country for the brilliant voluntary  work that they do week in week out bringing the best out of our children through football, also the time  they take out of their lives to do this. I shudder to think what are children would be doing without grassroots football and the volunteers behind it.  A Big Thanks to you all.