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DXTL, launches reFspect and fifty cities fund

ByMal Lee

Feb 28, 2014
DXTL ReFpect the Referee awareness weekend for march 29th-30th2014.support is growing.
DXTL ReFpect the Referee awareness weekend for march 29th-30th-2014.support is growing.


“Mal announces the launch of both reFspect awareness weekend, and the 50 Cities fund with DXTL on the 29th-30th March, we ask all junior leagues,teams, managers,and parents to participate and support this weekend for fair play and sportsmanship on and off the field of play at grassroots.No Referee No Game.!!

Will you add your support we have now sent out the Press release to all premier League Clubs, and all 50 County FA’S  we will keep our listeners updated to the response.Again we would like to thank LFC,EFC, LCFA,and Essex FA, for their quick response in supporting the reFspect  awareness weekend.Will your team add to the support.?