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why do people cause unnecessary vandalism at junior football grounds.?

ByMal Lee

Jan 29, 2014
Children need football now and in the future,we can't afford to lose leagues through vandalism.
Children need football now and in the future,we can’t afford to lose leagues because of vandalism.


Mal” talks about the vandalism at junior football grounds, the latest being goalposts being rammed out of the ground using a stolen car,and the pitches full of tyre tracks,it must be very disheartening to committees when this happens as they already do a remarkable job in keeping many children off the streets by providing football games to keep them interested in something other than crime,a pity the minority are hell-bent on trying to stop games being played, but we shouldn’t let them win and to prevent this it is simple,  pick a phone up and call the Authorities,some leagues have little if any facilities and can’t afford anymore losses.Do you suffer any vandalism within your league.?