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DXTL, Encourages parents to shake hands

ByMal Lee

Aug 20, 2013
Sky Sports with reporter Peter, Stevenson,and LCFA representative.Gordon Johnson
Sky Sports with reporter Peter, Stevenson,at DXTL,Respect Awareness weekend.


“Mal talks about the successful Respect awareness weekend and boasts about the Don’t X The line succeeding in getting the parents to shake hands before the kick off which happened to be a cup game well-known to be rather feisty but both teams children u/11s and parents were on top of their game,the sportsmanship was second to none.This action was witnessed by both Sky Sports, and the Liverpool Echo,but unfortunately the showing of that will probably be no more,but this will live on as a major achievement with DXTL, as another first for the grassroots campaign, bringing people together since 2003 and Merseyside setting the standard for everyone in grassroots to follow,and they will as they all support Don’t X The line Campaign.Many thanks to you all for being respectful on this historic awareness weekend.