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DXTL 50 Cities Fund,how it works.

ByMal Lee

Aug 2, 2013
DXTL 50 Cities fund let's put our money in and then attract the funders.
DXTL 50 Cities fund on tonight’s show how we aim to attract the funders.


“Mal talks about the DXTL, 50 Cities fund.This new concept is aiming to attract funders to help out grassroots football, by putting our money in first, our goal is to raise £100.000 pounds and then persuade  funders and the government to match what we raise as everyone knows funders will not help until you show willing first and we are.The good thing about DXTL, 50 Cities fund is grassroots football will have the say where the funding goes.Listen in for more details on tonights show.Will you support the 50 Cities fund.?