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carry on the fight against Racism.

ByMal Lee

Feb 13, 2013
Support DXTL,10TH Anniversary, NO Racism
Support DXTL,10TH Anniversary, NO Racism

“Mal talks about the return of racism, and thinks Sky Sports, have done a marvellous job by bringing it to everyones attention that Racism is bigger than we thought at football stadiums, The authorities should add tougher sentences, and the football governing bodies and clubs should work much more closely to sort out the people not fans who are involved in racist chants, and actions inside the stadiums. I am proud to announce over the last ten years with DXTL in junior football, have not witnessed any sort of racist behaviour, But we will carry on and continue with our zero tolerance policy of No, verbal Abuse, Aggression,Racist Comments, and Bullying on or off the field. And ask you the parents to continue with your support of DXTL?