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Providing Independence Through Support

ByMal Lee

May 18, 2012

This week, A series of Rebroadcasts Are Scheduled

Freddie Flintoff – Hidden Side Of Sport

Freddie talks to sporting professionals about the serious effects of depression.  He confronts his own issues as captain of England under pressure and under fire at the top of his game. Freddie reveals the stigma attached to talking about depression in the face of an often unforgiving public. Freddie discovers that many suffer in silence or hide behind irresponsible behaviour, until it all becomes too much.

This clip includes comments from Steve Harmison, Vinnie Jones, Ricky Hatton and a host of sporting heroes. We hear from Journalist Piers Morgan, coaches and managers about this hidden side of sport .

Tonight, Mal tackles the problem of people suffering from Mental Health and Learning Disabilities within our communities…