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Mal Lee

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better behaviour at the top level on and off the pitch

‘Mal believes the behaviour on and off the field of play has improved, although we are in early days of the new season, it is very positive, and long may…

Does Your League Have Changing Facilities?

How important are good changing facilities, and does your league have them? – And what about toilets? Mal checks out the pulse at grassroots. Also, interviews with some he met at the…

discusion on coaching at grassroots

  ‘Mal has a discussion on coaching at grassroots. Where would you take your child to be coached ?

grassroots now underway

  Parents gather along the touchline before the start of the new football season in grassroots, will you give your full support this season. ?

simply hillsborough

Simply!!   Hillsborough, from a grassroots point of view, your support was fantastic. Thank You all.

grassroots unsung heroes

  ‘Mal wants to find those unsung heroes at grassroots Sports, and you can help we would love you to nominate  someone who goes that extra mile to help out…

childs welfare at grassroots

  ‘Mal Talks about child Welfare at grassroots level, and how you can obtain your CRB from your local County FA, have you got yours yet ?

bring back pen friends get involved

  ‘Mal, likes to get people involved and encourages parents to get involved in helping out with the new football season. Also,  asks the question would you like to see…

Grassroots Banter – What’s Your Story?

  The touchline has produced a host of humorous stories, and no doubt you have a story or two to tell. As Mal relates stories and incidents involving Grassroots banter, why not…

referee awareness weekend

‘Mal discusses the Don’t X The Line Awareness Weekend, Supported by the Premier League Match Officials, These Referee’s are only Human, and all have Families just like us, so why…