On Tonight’s Grassroots Show We Ask. “End Of Season Trophies Do You Keep Them On Show, Store Them, Or When Collecting Dust Bin Them. Which One Are You?

End Of Season Awards. Do You Display Them, Store Them Or When They Collect Dust Bin Them.

On tonight’s show we ask all the football family, after all that hard work throughout the season we have presentations to give out awards,here are three questions  we would love you to answer  honestly.  Do you keep them on show, Store them after a couple of days/weeks or the question i hate to ask when they are collecting dust do you actually bin them,  we would love to hear from you.

From The Winter Leagues Into Summer Leagues. If We Stop Shouting At Referees Then Our Children Can Concentrate On Playing Football.

Now the winter leagues are coming to an end we ask the parents to continue to support our REFspect campaign by not shouting at the referees that way the children can concentrate on playing football.

Now Summer Leagues Start We Hope You Continue To Support Our Referees. The Children Can Then Continue To Concentrate On Their Football.