• Sun. Nov 28th, 2021


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Just Twenty Three Days Till Grassroots Football Returns

DXTL Like all the grassroots family are counting the days till the football returns,and the day of return cannot come quick enough, but are you all prepared as we await…

We Welcome Back Grassroots Football Next Weekend

DXTL, look forward with the grassroots family here on Merseyside to next weekend and the return of football for all.We also discuss our Welcoming all project for disadvantaged children, if…

Day 3 The Last Weekend Without Grassroots Football,But We Should Be Returning Next Weekend

Well, the good news is this should be the last weekend without grassroots football, and next weekend we should be in full voice with news views and celebrations.

Day 2 Week 4 Countdown To The Return Of Grassroots Football

We are into day 2 week four of lockdown, soon we will be celebrating the start of grassroots football once again and we simply can’t wait.