DXTL reFspect 2015, CHECK OUT NEWS FOR 2016/17

In March 2015 the annual reFspect campaign was launched by Don’t X The Line for grassroots football with special support from the PFA.

Premier League referee’s and officials promoted reFspect by wearing DXTL reFspect awareness t-shirts during  warm ups around the Premier league football grounds and we are proud to announce they will again support DXTL,  in grassroots for 2017/18 along with football’s governing bodies.

County fa’s around the country supported the awareness weekend including  junior leagues/ teams  by presenting the referee’s with fair play awards, medals, pennants etc.

Touchline barriers were also displayed by teams on the touchlines and adhered to by the thousands of spectators throughout the weekend.

Sky Sports news filmed the DXTL reFspect awareness weekend, and the footage can be viewed if you Google #reFspect.

Our main supporters we’re the PFA, supporting the t-shirts and promoting it through twitter including their website, helping to make the awareness weekend the success that it is.

Football’s governing bodies put their weight behind the campaign carrying on supporting the DXTL, reFspect awareness weekend over the coming years. We are honored to have their backing.

Being based on Merseyside we get support from Liverpool FC,  Everton FC, MUFC,  Arsenal,   Southampton, Sunderland. One day we will Hopefully have all Premier League clubs on board.

2018 REFspect awareness weekend will take place. DATE YET TO BE FINALISED

Why not sign your club up in support of the DXTL  REFspect awareness weekend, go to our contact menu on the home page.

Sky Sports and LCFA, in support of the reFspect awareness weekend 2014
Sky Sports and LCFA, in support of the reFspect awareness weekend

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