REFspect Official Awareness Weekend Get Involved 7th-8th 2018 April

Wherever you are wherever you play please remember reFspect.
Wherever you are wherever you play please remember reFspect.

The reFspect weekend is based around friendship and fair play on and off the field.
Participation is the key – anyone can take part
It is just a case of doing something no matter how small just to make that little bit of a difference.

Below are some ideas to help you get the best out of the reFspect weekend.

  • Make all your parents aware of what the weekend is all about call a parents meeting before the weekend,then once the parents are aware of what is expected off them they can pass on the information to their children.
  • Pass out the flyers, & opinion cards on the touchlines and write down positive or negative comments from the weekend.
  • Display the reFspect poster at entrances.
  • As a token of fair play award any spare fair play medals, pennants to the teams/ captains,referees.
  • Encourage the parents to bring along flasks of tea, coffee etc to hand out on both touchlines.
  • Support the children and referees who participate in the sport by encouraging them throughout the game.

Managers and committees should encourage the use of spectator respect barriers  if your club have them available, the barriers are a visual deterrent and will stop pitch encroachment, adding to better behaviour from the touchlines.
Encourage everyone to shake hands before and after the game.
Promote and encourage good behaviour and reFspect on and off the field.


Take a photo of your team getting involved in the reFspect and fair play weekend,  and email it in to

Capture the ref in action  at one of the premier league games near you. The referees and assistants will be wearing the DXTL reFspect T-shirts during their warm ups.

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