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Is this just another children’s football organisation trying to win the affections of football authorities?

NO. This is every child’s friend, parents, guardians, carers, football club, sports organisation (regardless of affiliation), school, youth club, and welfare industry putting aside adult agendas and enjoying a game of football.

If you are in a position to help facilitate a game of football on a park, in a playground, at a club or in your garden pick up a ball and… LET US PLAY.

NCFA want to raise the profile of all the good work undertaken by organisations that use football as a vehicle to help communities be a better place. This year adult football is asked to take a back seat and let children play.

This document details some of the ways that you, your club, team or organisation can celebrate children’s football without prejudice. Don’t forget to get in touch with the National Children’s Football Alliance to request promotional materials, such as posters, flyers, banners and stickers to promote your event effectively.

Contact us before June 1st 2011 to get your event listed on the NCFA website and send your stories and images in to us afterwards for everyone to see!

Have a great day!

Visit for more details

DXTL Roadshow at Lostock Hall Tournament – Sunday 3rd July 2011

The Don’t X The Line Roadshow arrived at the Lostock Hall Tournament at 8.15am to meet up with Sky Sports News as we were there to monitor the tournament and add  our input about Respect and Sportsmanship.

Straightaway we were greeted by  Tournament organisers who were out in force working hard before kick off. We were highly impressed by the friendship and organisation throughout the day. Can we first of all thank Daryll and James for the kindness and respect they showed to the team from DXTL.

This season the DXTL Roadshow will visit many junior leagues talking to parents, coaches, players and committees; looking at facilities; giving advice on touchlines about Respect and how the leagues run in general.

DXTL Volunteers Will Award Points

Our volunteers will mix with the committees and supporters. Leagues will be awarded points for how well organised they are from the findings. At the end of the season, winners will be given a fair play award and a gold silver or bronze certificate by the DXTL Volunteer Respect Team.

Points will be awarded for barriers, behaviour, respect, sportsmanship and facilities.

Again congratulations Lostock JFC by displaying barriers and giving a fantastic day to all,you have set a high standard to follow

On behalf of the DXTL

Mal Lee

We Team Up With NCFA for the Football Awareness Weekend

The Don’t X The Line Campaign has teamed up with The National Children’s Football Alliance, for their Football Awareness Weekend.

The Staff at the Burger bar Show their Support

 Referee Hazel Grindle

Referee Tony Mallon

The Don’t X The Line Campaign recently teamed up with The National Children’s Football Alliance in support of their Football Awareness Weekend.

We are in full support of what they are trying to achieve.

Also giving their support are Farmers U7s and Croxteth Park U7s; referees Tony and Hazel are getting into the swing of things; whilst staff at the Burger Bar take time out to show their support.
You can also show your support by logging onto their website

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