stop racist chanting once and for all

Bringing people together is the secret of success.DXTL Real Respect

“Mal believes that grassroots is winning the battle to control racist comments aggression, verbal abuse, and Bullying, thanks to the tremendous work of DXTL, and many other organisations, managers and committees, with their tireless work within their junior clubs, we at Don’t X the Line work closely with these people, and Mal, is one of the first to applaud their efforts and great Results.

begin respect at the top or at the bottom

How Will Your  Fans Behave For The New Football Season, Will Respect Play A Part

‘Mal asks the questions,  The kick off to the new football season is now upon us,  what lies ahead have the players learnt from what happened in the previous season,  or will the fans keep reminding  them , Mal appeals to the fans lets put it all to bed and continue with the support of the fans that London 2012 Olympics created  not just for the local teams but for every Nation. Will this happen at your ground this season  ?


more about awareness weekend

Let Us Not Turn Our Backs On Referee’s This Season


‘Mal tells you more about the Premier League Officials Teaming up with Don’t X the line this coming season,they will be wearing our T Shirts around a Premier League Ground near you. Will you add your support.

Also when will a Professional Footballer who signs for a big club, be Honest and tell you he is there for the Money. ?

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