attack on kris kirkland and proposed increases in grass roots leagues

Is the future of grass roots football leagues, now in doubt over planned pitch increases ?

‘Mal talks about the attack on Sheffield Wednesday, keeper kris kirkland, and the new proposed pitch increases by Merseyside Councils at grass-roots level, many teams,  clubs,and leagues,are  facing the possibility of folding, is your team on the brink,  if these proposed increases go ahead.?

leaving a job and great friends behind

Make the workplace Stress Free.


‘Mal, talks about leaving his job, and  a lot of hard working friends behind, and asks the Government to help bring back full time employment as many of these big companies are just employing part time staff, leading to stress and worry from the remaining full time employees,  they are worrying if they are being forced out of their jobs as financially it pays the big companies to have part timers in . Employees are doing the work of three people, they don’t say anything they just do it why because they are told if they don’t like it,  plenty of people out there are waiting to take their place, causing stress,  this can’t be good for their health, yet management admit they are under staffed, ? Health and Safety, your move


Make a stance against racism don’t let it back into grass-roots


‘Mal follows up his story over England under 21s v Serbia, and cannot believe the Serbia, FA, Stating that their was no racist remarks towards our black players, i think they think it is all just part of the game, well i hope this also goes against them, and the governing bodies throw the book at them, it should be a interesting decision. What do you think. ?

Don't cross the line