• Sun. May 9th, 2021

will racism make its way into grassroots ?

  “Mal asks the question are you worried that racism may spread into grassroots football,  if  it proves to be  a widespread problem at this years Euro Tournament

the fa legacy youth council

  ‘Mal discusses the FA, youth initiative the football legacy fund, and updates with the youth development review, will these projects help grassroots ?

courses available for you

  ‘Mal invites kids off the street corners to get involved in sport,talks about courses available,and encourages them to get involved, he asks do you wan’t to ?

Bring on the Jubilee weekend

“Mal discusses the jubilee celebrations, and was Hawkeye, called into action ?

NCFA and Goal Line Technology Your Involvement

  “Mal Talks to the grassroots people about Hawkeye watching the England v Belgium game,  yet all the eyes will be on Hawkeye, also GRR 121 gets involved for National…

Discussion Goal line Technology

  Ma;”discusses about Hawkeye goal line technology, and why is it so complicated ? and whats on in grassroots.

Your Comments On FA Youth Initiative

Did you know the FA had launched a Youth initiative? Why is it needed and how does it work? Mal gets feedback on the FA’s Youth Initiative from the people…

What Have We Weard In grassroots ?

https://soundcloud.com/dxtl/30-05-2012-what-have-we-heard-in-grassroots.mp3 ” skin=”beelden”]   Mal” talks about the new FA,Shareholders youth development programmes, and the launch of the NCFA,children’s football week.

NEC Grassroots part 2

  Mal” talks to KIKINI Street Soccer, and also how you may be able to purchase, lease, or get funding for Defibrillators,for public places

Liverpool and District Junior League Part 2

  Mal’ carries on his discussion, Bullying at grassroots, and Is your child tired playing Winter and Summer League football.