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Amazing Support for DXTL

Without support any project or organisation would be too large a task to carry on. DXTL is no different, but we find ourselves amongst local supporters, volunteers, leading names in the world of sport and a growing army of followers and fans across the globe. All brought together by the desire to improve the respect in our grassroots game.

I would like take this opportunity to report on 2 such supporters, both making huge efforts and dedication for the cause.

John and Ray ran the Liverpool 1/2 Marathon to raise much needed funds for DXTL and below is their days events unfolding.

John’s lead up before the run,

John,was up out of bed at 5.30am had weetabix for breakfast, the only worry John had was the abscess that appeared on his tooth and a large swelling on his gum, hardly perfect preperation.

The other amazing feat was that John had only completed a 2 mile run in three weeks, Wow !!! now i had a worry if John would finish this?

Amazingly John not only completed it, he did it in 1 hour 59 mins 23 seconds Fantastic. John was amazed himself by his performance and how much he enjoyed it, after the run John couldn’t wait to meet one of his best friends a good pint of Shandy ???

Ray’s  lead up before the run

Up out of bed at 5.45 am, breakfast banana sandwiches (eeehhh) but maybe we should try it! Ray finished the 1/2 Marathon in 2 hours 03 mins 12 seconds ‘Fantastic Ray’ in his own words found it hard after the run and looked at me in shock when i suggested the next run could be the full Marathon of 26 Miles, I’ll let you off Ray Well done.

When I asked the question, what was the biggest achievement about taking part in the 1/2 Marathon, it was an emotional and agreed answer from both John and Ray.

“The biggest achievement was all about raising money for a good cause and this is what got us across the finishing line”

This is the only time I feel glad that the lads did not take heed of our DON’T X THE LINE message.
The lads have amazing pledges for around £500!

A big thank you goes to the staff  and management of  Marks & Spencers for their tremendous support and generosity towards John & Ray.

From all at the DXTL thank you, people like you have hearts of gold.

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FAI, in Partnership Don’t X The Line Campaign

Last Saturday the FAI in conjunction with the NECSL launched the Don’t X The Line campaign in the Meath & District League grounds in Navan. The Under 7 league runs for twenty four weeks under the guidance of Mags Sheridan from the NECSL. Mags is the driving force behind the league and indeed it’s smoothness of running is down to her supreme organisational skills.

There are twenty eight teams playing every Saturday morning on the all weather facility in Navan. All teams play two games each and the emphasis is on FUN. There is a match card that each Manager fills out after each game but the one thing not on the card is the score of the game. As Mags explained “We are trying to keep it non competitive and fun for the young players”. Paul Martyn (Volunteer Education Co-Ordinator) from the FAI says it is the underage players we are trying to target with the campaign. Continue reading FAI, in Partnership Don’t X The Line Campaign