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still poor facilities at junior football leagues


‘Mal returns to poor facilities at our junior football grounds, and asks why we still have children’s football with no changing facilities, and poor toilet hygiene, it is time we started to put pressure on the councils to have this resolved. What are your facilities like at your junior league. ?

playing safe on your pitch

Hidden dangers hiding on the field of play.


‘Mal asks you the question when you go to watch your child play football at the weekend, do you ever take time out to think what dangers could lye in wait on the football field, Mal, tells you how you can play a part by simply checking out the pitch before the  kick off. ?

kikini street soccer launch

Crowds will be waiting for the launch of the Kikini Street Soccer Launch, in Brighton this weekend.

“Mal talks about the Kikini Street Soccer Launch, this coming weekend at Brighton, and Mal will be there supporting the event along with one of the founder members of the NCFA, Ernie Brennan, who will  be filming it with Capricorn Productions, Kikini Street Soccer, will be on evert child’s lips, What is it. ?