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On Tonight’s DXTL Grassroots Podcast Show, What is More Important To You The Return Of Holidays Abroad, Or Grassroots Football.What Comes First?

Grassroots Family, If You Had The Choice After Lockdown What would Be First Coming Back? Holidays Abroad Or Grassroots Football?

Well tonight we ask you the question football family,.During this lockdown we have been deprived of holidays abroad and grassroots football. So what comes first for you ,holidays abroad or grassroots football? Yes we are being cruel to ask you this question but if you had a choice what would it be and why?

DXTL Grassroots Podcast Congratulate Liverpool FC, On Winning The Premier League Title

This Is What Our City Is All About.But Unfortunately We Must Continue To Educate Some People About Respect.

Don’t X The Line campaign would like to congratulate Liverpool football club on winning their 19th League title in style ,Another historic year for them. But we also condemn the behaviour of some people  as we can’t call these football fans for obvious reasons who cannot even respect the heritage of othecity, i also think the real supporters regardless of who they support will agree with us.