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DXTL Podcast Once Again We Thank The NHS And Social Care Workers Tonight At 8pm Stand Outside And Applaud Just To Say Thank You.


Tonight Our Hearts Go Out To The NHS And Social Care Workers. At 8pm We Show Them How Much We Care ,Once Again We Say Thank You.

Once again all over the uk we stand together and say thank you to the NHS, and social care workers by standing outside and applaud our frontline workers 8pm  just to show them how much we care about them. thank you.

DXTL 10 Minute Podcast So Whats Happening On Social Media Today, We Join Grassroots Football UK By Sending Our Heart For The Heroes.

We Join Grassroots Football UK, As I Send My Heart For The Heroes During  COVID-19 #WorkingTo SaveUs.Join Us, By Sending Your Heart, Let Them Know You Are With Them Every Step Of The Way.

With COVID-19 still keeping us all on Lockdown, what are we doing to keep us all active and our brain active? We check out Social Media for the best posts.  We also join Grassroots Football UK, by sending our heart for the heroes #WorkingToSaveUs. We ask Referees Coaches, mums and dads & grandparents to join the kids with a picture and send them your heart to.