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On Tonight’s Grassroots Weekender Show, Should We replace All Grass With 3g Pitches?

If The Funding Is Available Should We Replace Grass Pitches With 3G, Or Improve The Drainage, Your Thoughts?

After again seeing a lot of disappointment  on social media regarding waterlogged pitches. We ask you,  the grassroots family should we now get rid of grass pitches and if the funding is there replace them with 3G instead. Or could simply improve drainage systems on the grass pitches why not have your say.

The Weekend Is Here For Grassroots Football And The Rain Decides To Return A Disappointment If You Play On Grass

Again We Call On All Coaches  This Weekend To Have A Talk To Their Teams At The End Of The Game Regarding Fireworks .Be Safe Not Sorry.

Once again the rain returns on the weekend of grassroots football and disappoints those who play on grass.

Also again the grassroots weekender show we appeal to all managers to talk to their teams at the end of their matches regarding fireworks. Also the parents have a massive responsibility to find out what their kids are up to Be Safe Not Sorry.

The Grassroots Weekender Show Appeals To Coaches To Talk To Their teams About The Safety Of Bonfire Night And Be Safe.

Kids Just Love Halloween.

Coaches Team Talk At The End Of The Games This Weekend. BE SAFE and Don’t Be Silly With Fireworks. Don’t X The  Line

Don’t X The Line appeals to all coaches to have team talk this weekend not to be silly with fireworks,  respect the safety of others and remind the children how important the safety of everyone including themselves is.  ‘DON’T BE SILLY WITH FIREWORKS’ Make it part of your team talk at the end of the game.