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  • Today Is The Last Day To Nominate Your Grassroots Referee For The Respect Award

Today Is The Last Day To Nominate Your Grassroots Referee For The Respect Award

Grassroots family today s the last day to nominate your grassroots referee for the National REFspect award for season 2021/22 kindly sponsored by REF4me for the second year running.Thank You…

DXTL Out And About More Walking Added Today

DXTL out and about for the REFspect campaign as it never ends when grassroots football is taking place, and we have a deadline for nominations for the grassroots REFspect award…

No Young Commentators For Two Weeks You Have Mal

Welcome to the grassroots show and tonight we have Mal, on the show and young commentators will be back in 3 weeks time, this is due to our 3 day…

Hurry Nominate Your Grassroots Referee Sponsored By Ref4Me

Hurry before the nominations close for the National REFspect awards season 21/22 for your nomination form contact mal@dontxtheline.com

DXTLTV From The Touchlines At Grassroots Football

DXTLTV from the touchlines at grassroots football, talk away sideline behaviour, coaches and we also add in our DXTL, Hearts Of Gold Initiatives with our next challenge Hadrian’s Wall,August 3rd…

Join Dan And Jay On The Young Commentators Show

Tonight we have Dan, and Jay on the young commentators show as they join Mal, with the weekly update.

Nominations Are Now Open For The National Referee REFspect Awards 2021/22

Same again for everyone attending grassroots football plenty of water and suncream, keep your eyes on the kids, Also the nominations are now open  so you can nominate your grassroots…

If We Do Get This Predicted Weather For The Weekend Then Protect The Kids

If we do get this extreme heat over the weekend then we need to protect the kids if they are playing football, plenty of suncream and also water with plenty…

Young Commentators In The Studio This Evening

On tonight’s show we have Jayden from  young commentators with Mal, in the studio

DXTL Out And About At The River Summer League On Saturday With An Update On How It Went

DXTL Out and about at the River summer league on Saturday and we bring you the information on it so how did it go?