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  • Tonight’s Show We Put The Ball Away And Thank Those People Helping People.

Tonight’s Show We Put The Ball Away And Thank Those People Helping People.

We  would like to thank the people who take the time out and help others,  the homeless, food banks  and children’s toy appeals you are  all amazing people.

BBC Shares Shocking Stories From Grassroots Football.

BBC shares shocking stories from the grassroots football community. Not a week goes by in the UK without another horror story weaved into the tremendous work carried out by our…

Grassroots Football Referee Assaults, And Grassroots Football In General

Grassroots Football, Referee Assaults,and grassroots football in general from the touchlines.

If You Are Going On A Christmas Holiday Don’t Forget Your Code On The DXTL Safeguarding ID Card, Get Better Rates With The Money Shop

Don’t forget to talk to your parents at the end of your training session, let them know you need encouragement for the children not coaching, and no shouting verbal abuse…

DXTL On Grassroots Football From The Touchlines, Being A Coach, Parent, Committee Member Or Referee We Should All Have One Goal

DXTL,(CIC)  Community interest company, Is a not for profit organisation, which means we put everything back into grassroots football.  A couple of things you cannot take away from us is…

Don’t X The Line Out And About From The Touchlines At Grassroots Football Club Profile Belfry JFC, With Henry Bradley

Don’t X the Line had another glorious day out and about at Grassroots Football, Adding Another Club Profile  Belfry JFC  with Henry Bradley, to the ones that everyone is talking about.

DXTL Get Exclusive Interview With Paul Smith Jnr, At Grassroots Football. Paul Gives His Views On Pushy Parents And Touchline Behaviour Towards Referees.

Don’t X The Line, and the Grassroots show get an exclusive interview with  Paul Smith Jnr.  Paul  gives a great interview regarding pushy parents, and poor behaviour on the sidelines…

Rock,Paper,Scissors. As A Grassroots Referee Will You Be Tempted To Support EFL Referee David McNamara, This Weekend?

  Don’t X The Line, ask the grassroots family is the treatment a little harsh to suspend EFL Referee David McNamara. And will you as a referee support him by…

DXTL, Ask Coaches To Talk To Parents And Spectators At Training Sessions To Simply Concentrate On How The Kids Are Performing At The Weekend. Not The Referee.

We at Don’t X The Line ask all coaches/managers to please take 5 minutes  out at training sessions and talk to the parents regarding verbal abuse,and aggressive behaviour  on the…

DXTL Continue Our Show On Referee Assaults, We Believe We Are Making A Difference On Our Sidelines And We Will Continue To Do So But We Need Your Support At Grassroots Week In Week Out.

Don’t X The Line and the REFspect campaign, continue to work hard to send out the message to all at grassroots football. Our referees are very important to us and…