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Commitment, Homework In The Cafe Before Footy Then Its Golf.

ByMal Lee

Nov 26, 2018
Commitment From This Youngster We Met. Homework,Football Then Off To Golf. Brilliant!!!

Whilst we were out and about over the weekend we couldn’t help but notice a youngster doing his  homework  before playing his match,I approached the youngster and asked him was he doing this so he could have more time on his game console at home? to my surprise that wasn’t the case as young Maxi informed me that he was off to play golf after his game as he was also a very keen golfer.

I had to take a photo and asked a very proud Mum for permission, Maxi’s mum also told me that he  he was a member of West Derby golf course and plays of scratch, his brother is off 7.

Maxi also has a season ticket for Liverpool FC,  if he ever makes it as a Professional, his choice will be golf  Wow!!  We know this youngster is definitely one for the future so look out for his name.Maxi Moore  DXTL wish you the very best of luck for the future.