These Assaults Simply Must End. And Clubs Must Try To Stop It Before It Happens.We Have Sent A Message To Our Friends At The FAI, To Pass On To The Referee,To Wish Him A Speedy Recovery.


Stop This Idiotic Behaviour On Referees. We At DXTL, And The REFspect Campaign,Send A Message To Our Friends AT The FAI,Wishing The Referee Daniel Sweeney A Speedy Recovery.

The assaults on referees seems to be regular when we look at our social media sites. These cowardly attacks simply have to STOP!!! Clubs should remind players and spectators about the consequences that they will face if they assault a referee, or anyone while they are part of the club set up.  Governing bodies should now look upon serious action before the inevitable happens. Don’t X The Line have sent best wishes to Daniel Sweeney the above referee, to our friends at the FAI to let him know we wish him a speedy recovery.