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Don’t X The Line, Planting The Respect Message Early At Grassroots Football Since 2003, And Being The Forerunner For The FA, Respect Campaign.

ByMal Lee

Oct 27, 2018
Don’t X The Line Proud To Be Recognised By The FA, And Also Becoming The Forerunner For Grassroots And The FA, Respect Campaign.

Since 2003, Don’t X The Line have had a very successful National campaign planting the respect message early, becoming serial award winners for the work we do on and off the field of play.

One of those awards we are proud to say was presented by HRH Prince William on behalf of the FA gaining the support of football’s governing bodies and becoming the forerunner to the FA respect campaign.

We have had many interviews from Sky Sports and radio interviews continuing to this day.We continue our voluntary work  and have developed a new successful project taking the Nation by storm #REFspect  we thank the whole country for supporting us with this and the awareness weekend, which is happening on the  13th 14th April 2019

Again we are proud to announce that the PGMO, will be wearing our t shirts around all Premier league grounds during their warm ups.

We hope you will continue to support for the outstanding voluntary work we do in Grassroots Football and also for tuning in to our nightly podcasts at 7pm. DXTL instilling respect and bringing people together since 2003 Thank You.