• Wed. Jan 26th, 2022

DXTL,And Grassroots Football UK, Thank Everyone For Their Retweets And Shares On Social Media For 8 Year Old Kasabian, His Battle With Cancer Is Sadly Coming To An End.

ByMal Lee

Nov 17, 2016

On behalf of DXTL, Grassroots UK, EFC, and all the grassroots family, we thank you for your retweets,and shares on Social Media, for 8 year old Sheffield youngster Kasabian, who has battled with cancer since the age of 2, his fight is sadly coming to an end. Our aim in grassroots football was to try and get a message to Kasabian’s best player in the universe Wayne Rooney, we hopefully have managed something for Kasabian and will let you all know on Tomorrows grassroots show, In the meantime have a great night.