DXTL, Question. Why Not Fine A player If He Is Caught On Camera Swearing.?

Dr Esther Burkitt, CPsychol, CSci, FHEA - 257x300
Dr Esther Burkitt, CPsychol, CSci, FHEA supporting our Diversity Awards Project At Grassroots Football.


Mal” would like to see players who are caught on camera swearing fined and the money paid directly to a grassroots organisation.? We constantly see players covering their mouths with hands in case the camera or a lip reader picks up their conversation, Yet they don’t do it when they swear at a referee and thousands of kids are watching. Let me know your thoughts would this be worth pursuing.?

Also we mention again the recognition of achievement award that DXTL and grassroots have chosen to give to the Smith Brothers, who thoroughly deserve it. We now hope they get the credit from Liverpool City Council for putting Liverpool on the map time after time. Congratulations lads.