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DXTL, Visit Bootle NAC Junior League, It Was Great To See The Barriers Around The Touchlines

ByMal Lee

Mar 10, 2016


Touchline Barriers A Visual Deterrent For Poor Touchline Behaviour And Pitch Encroachment.


DXTL, visit Bootle NAC junior league and were impressed with the barriers around the pitches, we were also proud to meet a very jolly committee who were adamant that Everton, FC, were going to get to this years FA, Cup Final, and asked us could we get them any tickets, sorry we can’t but i am sure if they get there, the blue half of Merseyside will now be aware that you are looking for some, and you never know!!!  Well done to the committee there for doing a fine job putting the barriers to good use and keeping the litter off the floor by using wheelie bins around the pitches.